Ladie Pilot
Ladie Pilot
17 yers old
Pilot [PPL holder].
Flightengineering student

Unrealistic dreamer. Socially awkward. Quiet. Messy. Cloudlover. Singer-Songwriters ♡. Sloppy dresses. Chai latte. Tall, fancy smelling, classy boys ♡. Curly hair.
You will lose what you value most, so treasure it while you can. Richelle MeadShadow Kiss (via feellng)
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Life is a big joke.

And again, life is laughing me straight in my face and its power is shattering me in tiny little pieces I’ll have to spend years picking up. I always put myself back together and someone ruins it. I spend months after months rebuilding my trust and my faith, but I’m done. Okay. I’m fucking done because the one I love loves me back but our dreams are different and soon we can’t be together anymore and ill just be here finishing senior year while he’s away fulfilling all his dreams and I won’t be there. I’ll be home crying, promising myself to never ever love again. and then I’ll love again and the same piece of shit will happen again.

Life advice: Be alone cause only you can save yourself.

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No one cares. No one cares if you cry. Just wipe your tears and go to work and kiss your boyfriend and tell him you love him, because no one really cares about what’s going on behind all that.

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